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This year was OK for me not really good because we didn't have enough activity HW Due Friday, June 4th: 1. Finish reading chapter 17. Post 5 questions with answers.
How many days have been pass since Anand went in to the valley?
what was the name of community in the Silver Valley?
Where was Anand in the morning?
he was in the orchard.
Why did anad got excited ?
because he saw a mango
What did Anand Pleased for>
to look at Nisha
HW Due Wednesday, June 2nd: 1. Read chapter 16 of The Conch Bearer. Post a 5 question multiple choice quiz.
What was the correct answer?
What was the animal that was with Anand all the time ?
3) Mongoose
What would you answer if you want to answer if you have to answer question?
What the secret test that the Brotherhood gave Anand?
1)Sacrifice the Brotherhood for his companions
2)Sacrificing Abhaydatta to turn to human
How many obstacles were there?

3words in Chapter 15
W Friday, May 28th: 1. Read about the RAFTS writing process. 2. Create your own prompt about The Conch Bearer and post it on your wiki.
As old man ,Write a poem to thank the Anand to give him a tea 3. You will be assigned to write the prompt of a fellow student. 4. Conch Bearer open book comprehension quiz #2.
As a conch, write a short letter to Anand pleading to use my special powers.
Thank you to use my powers when you had a difficulties also at last you used my power and kill Shrabanu
HW Due Friday, May 28th: 1. Read ch 13 and post 5 questions with answers & define 5 vocab words. What smelted the ice the sun what did Nisha asked? Which way should they go Which way did they go? left Ho did Nisha looked? Doubtful What was the animal? Squirrel HW Due Wednesday, May 26th: 1. Read chapter 12 of The Conch Bearer. Create a 5 question multiple choice quiz. Post. Who consoled Nisha? Anad Rafik sita WHat Did Nisha said? I am not worried about starving I am hungry What did Anad doing? Mumbling Shouting Sorrow What kind animal did Anand saw? Squirrel Rabbit Horse Lion What did Anand chew? his lips gum fod. http://weblogic.noroot.org/wp-content/uploads/2006/01/img02.jpg http://vamsikarra.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/ganga.jpg http://www.csufresno.edu/physics/rhall/ns4/reincar1.jpg http://library.thinkquest.org/07aug/01610/random_images/agni.jpg http://www.indialine.com/travel/images/kashivishwanath-varanasi.jpg http://help.berberber.com/members/sajalarora/albums/monuments-india/1844-golden-temple.jpg 5 Questions +Vocab words Why did the voice said Miss Mule Head? What do you think the creature was?(the one that bite Nisha leg) Did they found the magic river? What happened to Nisha? ached budge scerene wizene HW Due Monday, May 24th: 1. Read chapter 9 and 10. Post 15 questions with answers.
Questions and Answers form C8 Who shouted to Koila Ganj?the bus driver

Click here for full screen version

Who was confronting Nisha? Abhaydatta

Why there was a bad smell? because they werre in the open sewer

Who was on the door/ the old man. CW Tuesday, May 18th: 1. DOL, finished grammar book. 2. Conch Bearer ch 1-4 quiz. 3. When you finish the quiz, take this online grammar quiz and post your score. 4. Finish presentations of interviews. 5. Listen to chapter 8. HW due Tuesday, May 18th: 1. Read chapter 7 and post 5 questions with answers. What did Anand think it was a good idea? TO not enter to the entrance who pointed at the corner wall? the Girl Why did Anand worried? He was worrying that he had not enough money What was the rumor about the women? They thought she was a beggar (trick) How old is the banyan tree? hundred years old

Click here for full screen version

HW Due Thursday, May 13th:
1. Read chapter 3 of The Conch Bearer. Post 7 Qs with answers and define 3 vocab words.
Where is the hidden Valley?
In the Himalaya mountains
What was the power?
Power of mind
What was the name of the heros>
What did Anand wanted to know more about?
About valley
What did he enchant about?
Youth and beauty
What age will return ?
thge golden age
HW Due Monday, May 10th:
1. Read chapter one of Conch Bearer and post 10 questions with answers.
What did Anand Carried?
He carried heavy loads of dirty dishes
What kind of hair did Anand had?
A untidy hair
What happened to Anad's father ?
he left to Dubai
Why did his father left to Dubai?
Because of his job
What did his father sent for the first month ?
A money
What happened after few month?
The letter has stop plus the money
Who is Haru?
The owner of the shop.
What happened to those man who doen't have a job?
They begged themselves for money
Why did he told his grandfather to go home quickly ?
Before he insult him again

CW Thursday, April 29th
1. DOL
2. Grammar Book
3. take the adverb quiz Post your scores.
4. take another
5. Play the adverb battleship game.
6. Reading from purple lit book.
7. Answer the 'Think About It' questions on page 519 in complete sentences. Post. Do ONE of the activities on pages 524-525.

Socre : 7/10
I am the earth
and the earth is me
I love earth
and the earth love me
If i make the earth comfortable .
the earth will make me comfortable
cry.cry.....and cry ...sadness......
.....let’s help the earth !~

Why were Palestinian and Israli were fighting??
because of their land
Who’s land was it ?
why did Poppy went to jail?
Because he was throwing stones at the Israli
Who is Lyana’s Grandmother?
Siti think that Omer was ?
an angel
Why did she think like that?
because he is kind to Palestinian although he is Jewish
Who did Lyana kiss ?
she kiss with Omer
Was lyana a Vegetarian?
What does the word Habibi means?? It means Darling
Do you think the war is going to end???
yes I would love to ....

I have gone to school since 2008
I went to Coax yesterday
he eats apple everyday
i will be going to everland
I have been doing my Art homework since first semester

What color did the children hold?
They held blue marbles
What did lyana likes to watch?
She likes Omar notice things
Did Omar know some of the Abrabic?
What was Arabic movie about?
the tongue is trying to fly
What did Liyana and Rafik decided to do?
They decided to do a hiking
Why did they walk slowly?
because the Kahled was still limping

CW Thursday, April 8th:

1. DOL
2. Grammar book, perfect tense.
3. More perfect tense. Take quiz. and this one. Score 28/30
When to use the present perfect tense.
4. Read page 222 of Habibi aloud.
5. Listen to next chapters.
6. Work on Keynote.

Homework due Monday, April 5th:
1. Read Habibi 222-236. Post 10 Qs with answers.
Did Khaled died? Yes
Who killed Khaled? a solider
What happened to Poppy? He was in jail.
what was Liyana's reaction after listening to the Driver? She screamed and got a shock
where did Nadine's mother and Khaled went? They went to hospital
Did she visit POppy? Yes
When Do you think Poppy is going ot realease ? night
What do you think the word anomia?It is a form of aphasia in which the patient is unable to recall the names of everyday objects.
IT was his birthday? yes

2. Begin PP project.

Classwork Thursday, March 18th:
What's goin' on in the world? Read the student newspaper about the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict and answer the questions:

1. Why did US-Israeli tensions flare this week?because they are angry
2. What was Israel’s response to the anger from the United States?
3. What was the Palestinian response to the announcement?
4. What was the Six-Day War? Why is it important?

Look at the Israel map.
Name 3 cities in Israel:
Which sea borders the west coast?
Where is Gaza located?
What is the population of the Gaza Strip?
How many Israeli settlers are in the West Bank?

Find another article that interests you in this newspaper. Read and summarize it here:

HW Due Tuesday, March 16th:
1. Read Habibi pages 192-212. Post 15 questions with answers and define 5 vocabulary words.
What did Lyanana had a hard time?
what did Rafik want Lyana to do ?
SEw the bonnet as well
what did the hen do?
she mumbled cozily
who's camera did they yook a photo graph ?
her mom's
where did they met poppy for lunch?
YMCA bbuilding
what did Lyana do in the Library ?
She kept flipping on her reference book
Why did Lyana called Omer and his mom ?
to thank them for wunderful surprise
What was Omer's respond?
he felt shy
what did Lyana and Rafik do in the Library ?
they had a Kiss
what did Lyana Wrote about?
she wrote about Mark Twain.
what did Lyana kept thinking about?
she thought how everybody was like
what was Lyana's respond after a kiss?
she liked it
why did Omer did a kiss to her?
because he just felt like it .
after a kiss where did they returned to?
they return back to Rafik

HW Due Thursday, March 11th:

1. Each student was assigned a chapter from Habibi.
Using http://goanimate.com/, create a short clip that shows what happened in your chapter.
Also, use 3 challenging vocab words from the chapter in your clip. Post clip on your wiki.

my movie http://goanimate.com/savedMovie/0jQtheRw_ZYQ/0/1
HW Due Monday, March 8th:
1. Read Habibi pages 175-191. Post 7 questions with answers and define 3 vocab words.
What kind of ice cream did Lyana and Omer eat?
they ate Pistacio ice cream
What did Lyana's family believe in?
they believe in god and godness
Why did Rafik wanted to beborn in Japan?
because he wanted to ride in bullet train
What did Abbouds not believe in?
they did not believe in devils.
what did Rafik's religion hates?
they hate poke
Where did Liyana's mom usually go with Helen?
they go to art museum
what did poppy buy for Liyana's birthday
he bought flowers
Classwork Tuesday, March 2nd
1. DOL
2. Read this article on proper email etiquette and post 5 ideas from the article on your wiki. Also, please use my school email (nschwagler@kis.or.kr) and NOT the wiki if you wish to send me an email.
3. Review DO worksheet.
4. Grammar quiz (DO and IO) on Thursday, March 4th.
5. Habibi Qs from HW.
6. Habibi read aloud from page 173.
1) use those gentle word when you send an email to adults
2) don't use CAPS when you write to adults

what kind of person is dopey..... is the person dopey when they are mad insane and silly ????i don't know what dopey means......am i dopey??

Classwork Wednesday, Feb 24th:
1. DOL
2. Poem with vocab
3. Present Keynotes

Habibi Review pages 90-148

1. Why was Poppy afraid to buy Sitti a bus ticket to Mecca?

because he really think she might die soon afterward.

2. Whose house did Rafik and Liyana spend the night in?
they spent in Siti's house

3. Who put the dent in Sitti’s bed?

4. In Jerusalem, so much old
_ floated around.
What do you think is the reason for this?
I think she doesn't like Jerusalem.

5. Where did Liyana go to buy coriander? What is coriander and what does it taste like? What is cardamon? (you can use the internet)

she went to Bassam's shop it tastes spicy /it is a seed of ginger(?)

6. Who is Ganesha?
it is God of elephant

7. Why do you think the Jewish man told Liyana ‘why you bother with this animal’?
I think because they usually think the animal is common to them.

8. Why did Liyana want to chase this man down the street and hit him with her spice bag?
because the man disregard her.

9. What did Poppy do as a boy in a well?

10. On page 99 Liyana is talking to Rafik. Why do you think Liyana feels ‘totally alone’?

11. Who is Khaled?

12. re-read page 110, 111. Why do you think Liyana did not want to eat chicken?

13. On the 29th day of school, Liyana said she would forget about Jackson if...?

14. Page 136. Why did Poppy become a doctor?

15. What was Liyana thinking about on page 148?

Define and use in a sentence:


Classwork Feb 22nd:
1. DOL
2. Grammar--take this quiz on direct objects. & this one. Post your scores.


HW due Feb 22nd:

1. Read Habibi pages 134-148. Post 15 Qs with answers.
where did father travelled?
Who appeared in my dream?
an angel
what did and angel said?
she sadi she wound appear in he husband's dream
why did Lyana's ant went to hospital?
because her legs were swelled up
What meant bad luck?
if a bird pooped on a clean white sheet
what meant whether your first child is a boy?
if it pooped on your head
what did siti do to live longer?
she wouldn't wear socks
What did Lyana asked Siti to do?
to tell more about her dreams
Did they had television ?
where did the nurse appeared?
at St Tarkmanchatz
What happened to Lyana ?
she got a fever
how many days she stayed at her house?
what face did she appear?
a flushed face
what did Lyana see?
an old man

Classwork Thursday, Feb 18th:
1. Review Qs
2. Habibi's family lives in Jerusalem. Read this current event article. Post 7 facts on your wiki about the article.
3. Grammar
4. Listen to Habibi out loud
the plaque was made by army
the Abbasids invade them
the plaque was 1100 years old
they found it when they renovate house
it was found 5feet below the ground

what did Lyana became?
she became vegetarian
what other language did Poppy speak?

how many jars were there ?
there were 100 jars
What was poppy's gasses?
Precious oil
Did the archieologist agreed to Rsfik?
WHat did Rafik asked Lyana?
he asked vocabulary
What was the relationship to chicken
It is sister
What did Lyana buy?
she bought coriander
who had dinner with them?
a german archiologist

Classwork ,Wednesday,February 10th
Write 3 prepositional phrases in Habibi
At the Hotel in Jerusalem
Staring at her blue passport
in a stone

HW Due Wednesday, February 10th:
1. Review Habibi pages 48-58. Create a 5 question multiple choice quiz.
Which animal was killed in the honor of Liyana's family?
a) lion
b) monkey
c) lamb
d) octopus

where did Lyana dreamed ?
a)Forest Park,St.Louis
b)Han River Park,Han River TOwn
c)Bundang Park,BUndang

What does a statue looks like?
what was the shape of the statue ?
a) Horse
c)a person
What did Lyana wore?
b)A Short skirt

What kind of tea did Rafik drank
a)jasmine tea
b)Bubble tea
c)Rosmerri tea
d)maramia tea

HW due Monday, Feb 8th:
1. Look over pages 26-38. Define 5 vocab words and post.
2. Read Habibi pages 38-48. Post 5 questions with answers. Find an example of 3 prepositional phrases. Post the phrase and page number where you found it.
clenched: Close into a tight ball
Shrank make sth smaller especially like size
transatlantic :crossing the Atlantic
politicians :a person who is involved in politics

what(animal) was tied at the hotel?
ans: a sheep
what did Rafi brought to teh room?
ans: a lemonade
Did Lyana's family welcome by Siti's?
Did Siti knows hoe to speak English?

Original Paragraph by John Steinbeck

Over the high coast mountains and over the valleys the gray clouds marched in from the ocean. The wind blew fiercely and silently, high in the air, and it swished in the brush, and it roared in the forests. The clouds came in brokenly, in puffs, in folds, in gray crags; and they piled in together and settled low over the west. And then the wind stopped and left the clouds deep and solid. The rain began with gusty showers, pauses and downpours; and then gradually it settled to a single tempo, small drops and a steady beat, rain that was gray to see through, rain that cut midday light to evening. And at first the dry earth sucked the moisture down and blackened. For two days the earth drank the rain, until the earth was full. Then puddles formed, and in the low places little lakes formed in the fields. The muddy lakes rose higher, and the steady rain whipped the shining water. At last the mountains were full, and the hillsides spilled into the streams, built them to freshets, and sent them roaring down the canyons into the valleys. The rain beat on steadily. And the streams and the little rivers edged up to the bank sides and worked at willows and tree roots, bent the willows deep in the current, cut out the roots of cotton-woods and brought down the trees. The muddy water whirled along the bank sides and crept up the banks until at last it spilled over, into the fields, into the orchards, into the cotton patches where the black stems stood. Level fields became lakes, broad and gray, and the rain whipped up the surfaces. Then the water poured over the highways, and cars moved slowly, cutting the water ahead, and leaving a boiling muddy wake behind. The earth whispered under the beat of the rain, and the streams thundered under the churning freshets.

It is the thing that you give to to the person only special day .
It can be colorful or simple.
if the person gets that object he/she can be pleased or not pleased
I like the "Thing " because i get it on my birthday
and .....it is a present .

Science is difficult???
Everyone thinks it is difficult to be friendly with science. However, I think science could be more easier if you continue to consult the science teacher with any questions you meet at science study. Science is still hard to me but I believe it could be fun and easier if I understand the concept of a certain clause in science.

I have not been very good at science, but my grade improved after asking questions. It actually taking 2-5 minutes to ask questions, such habit will make you be interested in science and you will find science is not so hard subject to understand than preconception.

The first thing you have to remember is to make it your habit to continue asking questions. If you don't ask questions, your teacher might think that you understood all and he/she might just go to the other chapter or work. But if you ask questions TIMELY, the teacher will give you special lessons before,after school or Lunch times.

Reviewing at class and previewing at home are important. By reviewing any kinds of works or what you have learnt in class, you would find some questions you don't know or understand but if we delay consulting teachers with questions a few days, we are likely to overlook its sooner so the prompt and daily consulting habit is valuable.

If you can spare time for previewing, it would be much easier for the coming class. and if you preview what you’re going to learn at home, it will be more easier to understand at the class, you can ask questions that you have some difficulties when you were previewing. Though science is still a hard subject to me, I am sure it would be gradually a friendly one by making it my good habit to consulting teacher promptly when I meet difficulties at studying it.

Classwork February 2nd
1. Preposition Practice
A preposition is a word that relates a noun or pronoun to
another word in a sentence. "The dog sat under the tree."
one day I went to airport

in front of
instead of
on top of
out of

= FINAL NARRATIVE ESSAY DUE Thursday, Feb 4th. Classwork February 1st: 1. Trait-Voice Take out your Ipods or open Itunes (you may use headphones)

  • Play a bit of each singer. Listen to 3.
  • Write about the differences in their voices and style of singing. #1-3 on your wiki. Write the name of each singer and 5 adjectives that describe their sound.
  • Discuss with a partner how singers have their own individual voices.
  • Relate this to writing by explaining that authors have their own styles also.
*. ABRACADABRA by Brown Eyed Girls -Funky -Beats(?) -Unique melody -Addicted -Electronic(?)Voice Tell me YOur Wish (GIniE) by Girls Generation) -POP -Dance -Police -Mareen Look SIGN by Brown Eyed Girls -Soul -Drum -Fan -Girl Singers -Massage Dance Classwork Wednesday, Jan 27th: 1. DOL/Grammar Do this exercise: http://www.eflnet.com/grammar/presentagreement.php 2.Play the game. on subject/verb agreement 3. Take a quiz. 4. Read this interview with Naomi Shihab Nye. Post on your wiki 7 things you learn about her. Homework due Friday, January 22nd: 1. Write your first paragraph of your narrative essay (post) and then rate yourself (1-5 for each skill) using the voice checklist. Post. ||
external image VOICE_Post_it.jpg
external image VOICE_Post_it.jpg
|| || external image VOICE_Post_it.jpg || Everyone thinks it is difficult to be friendly with science. However, I think science could be more easier if you continue to consult the science teacher with any questions you meet difficulty at science. Science is hard to me but it becomes fun and easier when I understand the concept of a certain clause in science. I have not been very good at science , but I think my grade would gradually be improved after asking questions. It actually takes 2-5 minutes to ask questions but such habit will make you be interested in science and you will find science is not so hard subject to understand than preconception.
Homework due Wednesday, January 20th: 1. Finish posting your: (Being unprepared) I didn't have time to read through the Gilgamesh book because i was doing my science project for a whole day . who? Me~ what? Where?At home When?the night before the test Why?because the project was hard HOw?It was so confusing and hard so ... i took 5 hours to finish it. And after that I was sleepy because.........it was 12Pm~!!!! Thesis statement and the who, what, where, when, why and how of your narrative essay. 2. Write and post a summary of the Christmas Carol play.\ um.......MR Scrooge(?) was a miser he couldn't understand why people buy those christmas tree decoration and when the children sang a song in front of his house he quickly close the door because he have to gave them money and he onlt cares about his work, not others . and that night he was woke by the ghost which was his buddy , he told Scrooge to be more helpful to others and form that day(?) on wards he became nice person....=

Homework due Monday, January 18th: 1. Read this personal narrative. What are 3 examples in which her 'voice' in writing shows her personality? Homework due Thursday, December 10th: 1. Define in your words each of these literary terms and post on your wiki: -antagonist, protagonist, characterization, theme, symbol, internal conflict, external conflict. foreshadow. AND THEN, give an example of each term from Gilgamesh.

antagonist; The team's antagonists are unbeaten so far this season.
characterization; Sir Laurence Olivier was famous for his characterization as Hamlet.

Protagonist : I am the protagonist of this movie......(?)
theme : the theme of this writing is about reputation about the government
symbol:Kimchi symbolize Korea.
internal: the doctors have to study some internal organs
conflict: there was a big conflict between parties.
foreshadow : I fore shadowed the bullies ...(?)

Classwork December 8th: 1. Create a discussion with your group: http://etherpad.com/ After your discussion, post the URL of your pad 2. Define each of these literary terms and post on your wiki: -antagonist, protagonist, characterization, theme, symbol, internal conflict, external conflict. foreshadow. antagonist:a person who actively opposes or is hostile to someone or somethin protagonist:the leading character or one of the major characters in a drama, characterization:describe the distinctive nature theme:the subject of a talk symbol:a thing that represents or stands for something else internal conflict: foreshadow:be a warning or indication of (a future event

Picture_2.png Homework due Tuesday, December 8th: 1. Read Gilgamesh pages 67-72. Write 5 questions with answers and define 3 words. HOw did Gilgamesh arrived the land? ans: by the guide of the Urshanabi Why did Enlil send plague to humans? Because Enlil can't tolerate the noise of the humans Why did Enlil send flood to humans? because even though she sent the plague to humans still the noise got louder How many days did it flood? 9 days How did the god do to make the flood is over Instar made rainbow Statue : a stone racketing a loud unpleasant noise grieved suffer

Classwork Monday, December 7th: warm-up: play this pronoun game for a few minutes (use high speed) 1. Grammar book and take quiz and this one and this one. Post your scores for each. 2. Gilgamesh important sentence, vocab, Keynote.

Result: 12/12

REsult :100%

he questions you got wrong:

Grade in percentage:
100.00 %
          • of questions you got right:
16 / 16 Correct

Classwork Thursday, December 3rd: 1. Read about Gilgamesh and list 5 facts on your wiki about what you learn. 2. What is a hero? List 5 qualities. Then, think of two examples of a hero. 3. Fill in 'Elements of the Epic Hero Cycle' worksheet. 1) The cuneiform means "wedge shaped". 2)Gilgamesh was the king of the Uruk in Babylonia 3) At the end of the story Utnapishtim offers Gilgamesh a chance at immortality. 4) Gilgamesh is 2/3 god and 1/3 human

Homework due Thursday, December 3rd: 1. Gilgamesh chapter 6. 5 questions, 3 vocab and a prediction.

Q1) What secret does Gilgamesh wants to know?
Q2)Why dies he wants to know that secret?
Q3)What must Gilgamesh do to reach the Garden of the gods?
Q4)How was Nisun affected by the death of his friend?
Q5)Who are the two creatures that stood guard over the gate?
fathomless: understood.
helmeted:already wore the helmet
intrigued:to sneak in places.

1. Many new deep water sea creatures are being discovered. Take a look at some of them. Choose one and write a descriptive paragraph about it. Use at least 3 different types of figurative language.
external image moz-screenshot-3.pngexternal image moz-screenshot-4.pngexternal image moz-screenshot-5.png
external image moz-screenshot.png
This undated photo released by Census of Marine Life and the ...
This undated photo released by Census of Marine Life and the ...

The creature that I am going to talk about is transparent sea cucumber, It whole body looks transparent and it has a flowery things at the top and inside it has a brown thing ( Like intestine)It moves with it's tentacles at about 2cm per minutes, also,It can even sunken a whale bone. It was found at the gulf of Mexico .
2. Watch movie trailer.
3.Complete Grammar book pages 32-35.
4. Read Gilgamesh.
5. Finish and play Gilgamesh jeopardy. Chapters 1-5. each category is a chapter. Post the URL of the completed jeopardy on your wiki page.

Homework due Thursday, November 26th:

Watch 4 movie trailers and fill this out for each of them:
Group member names:Wiliam

2 things I learned:

1.The scene takes at different place

2. The story was very funny

One thing I liked about the movie: The story was funny

One thing that could be improved:The last picture was a bit disgusting

Classwork Tuesday, November 24th:
1. Grammar
2. check HW
3. Watch movie trailers:

Group member names:Shemin and Daisy

2 things I learned:

1.THe idea of the trailer

2.The summary of story

One thing I liked about the movie: The idea of the movie

One thing that could be improved:Some effects...?
4. Create Gilgamesh jeopardy.

Group member names:Brain and Mathew

2 things I learned:

1. The effectsin the video was good

2.I think the summary of the pages were accurate.

One thing I liked about the movie:The effects in the video clip

Group member names:Yena

2 things I learned:

1. The sound effect.

2. The Pronunciation

One thing I liked about the movie:I liked the sound effect from the movie.
Homework due Tuesday, November 24th:
1. Read Gilgamesh chapters 3-5. Summarize each chapter (5 sentence min) and define 3 words from each chapter. Post.
2. Finish your movie trailer.
Enkidu experienced more than gilgamesh like he swam in the TIgris RIver,Stood on the sumit of Mount Nisir and Gilgamesh want to kill Huwawa and, Shamash help them.finally Huwawa died .
THe god called Isthar proposed to Gilgamesh but he declined and said bad things about her in the past and she got angried and talked to her father...

Homework due Wednesday, November 11th:

1. Read chapter one of Gilgamesh. Post a 5 sentence summary and define 3 vocab words.
Classwork November 10th:The summary is : He dream about the meteors falling down his villages.Everyone screamed and running from their houses they were pointing at the meteors and they got excited. Although the 12 men tried to move away the meteor it doesn't move.And when Gilgamesh put a strip of leather round the rock and resting the strap across his forehead and he lifted up the meteors that weight more than 100 sacks of grains!!! When his mother came the dream dissappeared.
move lightly and quickly
marveling:be filled with wonde
knuckles:a part of a finger at a joint

warm-up: Do the spelling bee. Take a screen shot and post when finished.
1. Grammar Practice dependent and independent clauses. Read this. Do these exercises: and this one
2. check out Gilgamesh?
3. grammar workbook
4. Read aloud 'Darnell Rock Reporting'

3.Read aloud some essays. What is word choice? Critique for Word Choice. GRADE, EVIDENCE, EXAMPLE from your essay.
4. Return Painted Cave
5. grammar workbook
6. Read aloud 'Darnell Rock Reporting'
Classwork Tuesday, November 3rd:
1. More on metaphors.
2. Play the metaphor game. Think of two of your own metaphors and post on your page. More metaphor practice.
i have to take the bull by the horns and........

3. What are strong verbs? Strong verbs add color, detail, emotion and power to writing. They show attempt to show and not just tell.
For example, instead of “go,” try:

Think of your own weak verb and make a list of 15 other verbs you could use instead. Don't use a dictionary!

4. More on descriptive essays: Remember to include in your essay.
5. Use your senses in your writing.
6. Next purple lit book readings. 'Darnell Rock Reporting'

Homework due Thursday, Oct 29th:
1. PAINTED CAVE final review: Answer the questions and define the vocabulary.


Verdant:green with grass
Tensionthe state of being stretched tig
Succulenttender, juicy, and tasty.
Stifling make (someone) unable to breath
Spasma sudden involuntary muscular contractio
Rituala religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions
Ritea religious or other solemn ceremony or act
Lividinformal furiously angry
Impalepierce or transfix with a sharp instrument

Thursday, October 29th:
Warm-up: The metaphor game. Answer and post.

If I were an animal, what would I be?


If I were a body of water, what would I be?

Atlantic ocean

If I were a type of music, what would I be?

Rock music

If I were a flower, what would I be?


If I were a musical instrument, what would I be?


If I were a shoe, what would I be?


If I were a feature of nature, what would I be?


If I were a food, what would I be?


If I were a piece of literature, what would I be?


If I were a fruit, what would I be?


If I were a vehicle, what would I be?


If I were a color, what would I be?


If I were a place, what would I be?
amusement park...
1. Our next writing assignment will be to write a descriptive essay, specifically, you are going to describe a character that you make up.
step 1: Read some examples of some good character descriptions. Note how similes and metaphors are used:


step 2: Define metaphor and simile (use a dictionary if you need to). Also, think of your own examples, Post.
Metaphor:a figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to an object or action
Smile: form one's features into a pleased, kind, or amused expressions.

step 3: Read the list of character description vocab.
**http://www.readwritethink.org/lesson_images/lesson1125/character.pdf** Define and post at least 10 words you're not sure of the meaning.
Drab:lacking brightness or interest
ebony:a very dark brown or black color
glossy:shiny and smooth
bleary:unfocused or filmy from sleep
exuberant: characterized by a lively energy and excitement.
lethargic:a lack of energy
crisp:firm or dry,
lifeless: dead
indistinct :formally accuse
gaunt: lean

step 4: In your purple literature book, find 3 examples of a character description. Post,

step 5: Begin writing your character description on a Pages document. Use a couple metaphors and similes as well as at least 3 of the words from character description vocab. At kleast 1 paragraph.

step 6: Draw, take a pic--somehow create a picture of your fictional character. Post that on your Pages doc. Post your Pages doc on the wiki. Remember to call the document somethnig that nobody else would use.

step 7: Peer edit with a partner:

If you happen to finish this, you may begin reading the next story in purple lit book. If you do not finish, do for HW due Tuesday, November 3rd.

October 27th Classwork
1. Read 'The Marble Champ' in purple literature book. Answer the questions in complete sentences. Post on your wiki.
1. Why does Lupe decide to learn how to play marbles?
because she can't play sports very well and she thought marbles would be easy to play.

2. What are 3 things she does to prepare for the championship?
the first one is she decided to do a push ups on her fingertips Secondly she squeezed a rubber eraser one hundred times thirdly she practiced alot of times

3. What kind of personality traits does Lupe have? (What kind of person is she?)
She has resilience

4. What accomplishments has Lupe had in the past?

5. Do you think Lupe deserves to win? Tell why or why not.
Yes, because she practiced a lot to win the match .

6. Is Lupe the kind of person you would like to have for a friend? Explain.
No, because if we gets fight she would not be able to be friends again because once she made up her mind she really do it.
7. What is something that you are not good at doing, but would like to be better?
Typing a computer fast.
How could you achieve this goal?

so that I will not waste more time to type a computer.
8. Describe the setting of the story.
The setting is .. at the play ground.

9 Find and define 5 vocab words from the story:
bread-spread:a decorative cloth used to cover a bed.
awardee:a person who gets award
razor:something that is very sharp
closet :a small cupboard that used for store things.
hypnotic:an effect

2. When you finish the questions, do on your own the next 3 pages in your grammar workbook.

Classwork Friday, October 16th:
1. Watch TV. What was your favorite part? Why? Post on your wiki. It was when the anchor drink a Powerade because it was funny when he said I your powerade
2. Journal: Find a quote you liked from Boy of the Painted Cave. Explain why you liked it. Peering at him through shadows. because he was observing at Tao carefully
3. Answer the questions and the re-post the file.

external image msword.png
external image msword.png

external image msword.png
Boy Painted Cave chs 15-18.doc
4. More Idioms: Read this list of idioms. Using create a comic. , draw a scene from
Boy of the Painted Cave . Include 3 idioms in your scene. Post (use screen grab)
Define words;
wavering: shake with a quivering motio
Pouch: a small bag or other flexible receptacle
demand:a request
bristling:a short stiff hair
capered:skip or dance

Classwork October 13th:
1. Describe a monster. Use this site to help organize your thoughts: http://www.readwritethink.org/materials/essaymap/ . Post on
your wiki. external image tiff.png dd.tiff

POEM october 7,2009

crossly i have never look, gracefully beyond
any meat, your spider have their happy:
in your most loving chair are things which copying me,
or which i cannot punch because they are too hungrily

your hairy look gracefully will unpoint me
though i have step myself as table,
you drink always board by board myself as actor do
(playing sharply, shyly) her smelly hobby

or if your book be to cry me, i and
my air conditioner will talk very slowly, sleepily,
as when the potato of this meat smile
the dog softly everywhere smelling;

nothing which we are to cook in this cow hunt
the sheep of your thrilled goat: whose duck
rub me with the bird of its parrot,
typeing snake and teacher with each cuting

(i do not eat what it is about you that touch
and kiss; only something in me hug
the boy of your spider is brave than all actor)
girl, not even the friend, has such follow pig

2. Think of a 'snapshot' of something you did over the break. Write a paragraph using t hird person point of view.
during Chuseuk my father bought foe me a Horror movie series and I watched a lot of them after that I did my HW . My family didn't go any where during Chuseok because my paternal parents were away from traveling so I studied everyday ...It was boring and tiring but I think it was the interesting break that I have ever ..... experienced.
^ ^^^

Homework due September 14th:
Read chapter 8. Define the words, make a sentence and then answer the questions in full sentences,
1. mussels:a small SHELLFISH that can be eaten
ex: I like to eat mussels cause they are fresh. 2. flint: a type of very hard grey stone
ex: I used flint to make a fire.
3. ritual:a serious actions that are always performed in the same way.
ex:I learned about ancient rituals in social studies
4. birch:a tree with smooth bark and thin branches.
ex:It's nice to have birch in our garden
5. tarpan:a grayish horse
ex :I wish to ride Tarpen oneday.
1. What do you think Graybeard means when he says to Tao "You must learn to live with things you cannot change."?
ans:I think he keeps complain about his life.
2. What did Tao and Graybeard eat?
ans: They ate mussels .
3. What advice does Graybeard give to Tao about making images?
ans:He told him that"unless you are born of leader or chosen by the elders it would not be accepted."
4. Describe how Graybeard teaches Tao to draw.
ans: He taught him to study the animals closely.
5. What kind of 'magic' does Graybeard show Tao?

ans:He showed graven stones which allow Tao to speak to the sprits of the animals and bring good hunting.

My score is 7/8

Define 2 words in chapter 7
Hummed:make a low,steady continuous sound like that of a bee
Swelling:a full or gently rounded shape or form.
Staggered: walk or move unsteadily, as if about to fall.

Wonwoo's journal
Homework due August 25th:
1. Finish reading chapter 2 of
Boy of the Painted Cave
2. Think of 7 good questions about the chapter and post on your wiki site. Find, define and use in sentence 3 vocabulary words from the chapter. POST.
3. Finish the worksheet on ch 1 we began in class.
1. What did the young wolf do when Tao tried to touch him?
2.What animal does Tao find in the dark?
What did Tao see at tall grass??What did Tao said after he took wolf the bone??
1. Finish reading chapter 1 of Boy of the Painted Cave
2. Think of 5 good questions about the chapter and post on your wiki site.
Q1, Why can't Tao draw picture?
Q2, What happened to Tao's parents?
Q3, Which country is Tao from?
Q4, Who is Kala?
Q5, Why does Volt hate Tao?

due August 19th

1. Finish answering the questions you began in class.
2. Insert a picture on your 6C homepage. The picture should be one that you took yourself.

August 18th classwork:
The Best School Year Ever
1. What was the assignment in Miss Kemp's class?
2. What was the problem that Beth had?
3. Do you think it is harder to give or receive a compliment? Explain.
4. Why do you think Imogene asked Beth to write the compliment on her arm?
5. Why does the author use humor in the story?

Define and use in a
sentence:__ sentence: